How does your collar or leash stay beautiful?

How Do You Maintain Your Collar and/or Leash for Long Lasting Beauty?

Whether you regularly go to the beach or forest, or just walk in the city, here are some simple steps to ensure that your BySjezz collar and/or leash stay beautiful:

General maintenance:

  • When walking on the beach or in the forest: Contact with sand and seawater may reduce the lifespan of the accessories and BioThane. In urban environments, your collar or leash will retain its beauty for longer.

BioThane Maintenance:

Do you want to quickly clean your BioThane collar or leash?

  • Take a damp/wet cloth and rub off all the dirt.
  • Dry your leash, collar or long line with a dry cloth.
  • FINISHED! You can immediately use your BySjezz leash, collar or leash again for the next walk.

Has your BioThane leash/collar or leash become very dirty? Then follow these steps:

  • Hold the leash or collar briefly under the tap and rinse off the dirt.
  • In case of serious contamination: Use a washing-up brush for thorough cleaning.
  • If necessary, clean with mild soap.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Then dry with a clean and dry cloth.
  • FINISHED! You can now use your BySjezz leash, collar or leash again for the next walk.

Do you want them to stay beautiful longer? After every walk, rinse the collar or leash under the tap and dry with a towel.

Please note: Our BySjezz® collars and leashes should not be placed in the dishwasher.