Leash size guide

Dog leash width:

Which width dog leash is suitable for your dog? Discover the optimal choice with BySjezz® BioThane lines, available in 3 width sizes:

  • 16mm: Ideal for puppies, toy breeds, and small breeds.
  • 20mm: Suitable for all breeds.
  • 25mm: Recommended for stronger and large breeds.

When ordering, we ask for the breed and weight of your dog, so that we can verify whether the chosen width is appropriate. Remember that a wider line can also be heavier. Each BySjezz® dog leash shows available widths, so you can make the perfect choice.

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Dog leash length:

The length of a dog leash is personal and depends on you and your dog. Dog schools may have specific requirements for training purposes. Inquire about this at your dog school. Choose from various lengths, ranging from 1 meter to 30 meters:

  • Regular dog leashes are often 120 cm or 150 cm.
  • Adjustable, also called hands-free belts, are popular from 200 cm or 250 cm.
  • Long lines are often chosen in lengths of 10m, 12m or 15m.

If you want your dog to have more sniffing space, consider a longer leash.


For puppies, the correct size leash depends on the dog breed:

  • Small breeds such as a Dachshund puppy need a lighter leash in a width of 16mm.
  • For example, for a Labrador, Vizsla or Australian Shephard puppy, it is best to choose a width of 20mm.

When ordering, please mention that you have or are expecting a puppy. We ensure that the carabiner is suitable for your puppy, not too heavy or too light. As your dog gets older and heavier, you may consider switching to a heavier leash.