What are the properties of the hardware?

General maintenance:

  • When walking on the beach or in the forest: Contact with sand and seawater may reduce the lifespan of the hardware. Silver accessories generally last longer and are recommended for beach visits.

Maintenance per Color:

  • Black: The black color has a coating and can wear off with use, revealing the zinc color.
  • Gold (Brass): Stainless, brass hardware becomes more authentic in color over time.
  • Chrome: not scratch-resistant and rust-free, remains beautiful for a long time
  • Stainless steel: durable and strong, rust-free
  • Antique Bronze: not scratch-resistant, not stainless
  • Rose gold: not scratch-resistant, not stainless

Maintenance tips:

  • After your walk, rinse the collar or leash under the tap and dry it with a towel to preserve the hardware.

Other Considerations:

  • Questions or Specific Colors: Do you have questions about the accessories used or are you missing a specific color? Contact us, because at BySjezz (almost) everything is possible. We may include your desired color in our collection, so we can make other dog owners happy too.

Note: These care instructions will help keep your hardware looking good longer, but always follow the specific care instructions that came with your product for best results.